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The JAZZ Assembly was recently recognized by national educators and administrators the as the first and only cross-curricular assembly to uniquely motivate students to learn the valuable history and tenets of jazz music while simultaneously incorporating elements from all other state-required core-curriculum subjects and their respective standards.

“Throughout my career as a music educator, I have noticed that students, in general, look upon the art of jazz music as mysterious; only belonging to a small fraternity of players who make loud, crazy sounding music without direction. As a result, many music curriculums do not delve deep into the tenets of jazz, like improvisation and expression. And sadly, some don't offer it at all.” The Jazz Assembly was written to shatter this box of prejudice by introducing young audiences to this type of musical expression.

The Jazz Assembly makes jazz music accessible by using audience participation and games, as well as discussing its birth in connection to American History. Most importantly, The Jazz Assembly allows young audiences to learn by making connections with other core-curriculum subjects like Geography, Science, and Language. The Jazz Assembly presents the complexities of jazz music in a fun, entertaining, interactive, and instructive way. For example: using familiar songs and lyrics to exemplify styles of improvisation and then inviting volunteers to demonstrate their newly acquired skill on-stage live with the trio playing behind them!

“Many curriculums offer chances for literary or visual expression, but few offer the opportunity for musical expression, as a performer, or as a spectator. The fundamental appreciation for music and art happens early for children. Positive experiences in music, in turn, spark heir intrinsic desire to participate in musical programs, develop personal interests, express themselves, and broaden their horizons.”


Tamer is a former music teacher with a Masters of Arts in Teaching. His workshops include: Spontaneous Composition Tamer works with your jazz students to create and perform and improvise on their own jazz piece! Improvisation and Digital Media Workshop Students learn the art of improvisation through exploring different art forms. The workshop concludes with students recording their own CDs! Professional Development for Teachers - Teaching Jazz Improv for Music Teachers If you are a classically trained music educator with little or no jazz experience who has been thrown into teaching a beginning jazz band, this is a perfect workshop for you. This is also a good workshop for current jazz band directors who would appreciate different and fresh approach to teaching improvisation. Workshops can be added at a reduced rates with an assembly booking. Contact us for pricing and more information.